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Curtains -- Linen Unleashed! Video

All credits go to their respective owners.
Experience the terror of linen unleashed!

A trailer for a cheapie horror film in which all the natural fabric in the world comes to life and starts attacking people. Uh oh -- it's spreading to synthetics!

Starring (in order of appearance) Nicholas Carls, Sheila Raznick, Paul Whitehead, Ronald Strong, Stephen Thomas, Elijah Domingo Landin, Bernardo Marcus Landin, Todd J Phelps, Amanda Noret Reed, Bryant Sands, Diane Snyder, Gerard Martorano, Emmett Loverde, Bruce Hart, Paul Cummings, and Barry Thurston, Jr.

Cinematography by Emmett Loverde. Additional camera: Nicholas Carls and Ronald Strong, Sound by Nicholas Carls and Ronald Strong. Production Assistant: Manuel Beltran. Written, Produced, Directed, and Edited by Emmett Loverde.

Special Thanks to Diane Heppting, Lorenzo Landin, Ronald Strong, Nicholas Carls, Sheila Tamara Raznick, all the actors, and everyone else who gave us a hand or supported us.
Duration: 03 Minute, 17 Second
Rating: 5
Definition: HD
Published: 5 Years Ago

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