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Kirstys Domestic Abuse Story |full| - Part 2/3 Video

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The stress of Warren's death takes its toll on Kirsty and Nita. Nita lashes out at her boyfriend, fracturing his jaw. Meanwhile Kirsty is questioned by the police about Warren's accident, and Adam reveals to them that Kirsty was beaten - she is furious, not wanting to be seen as a "beaten wife". Everything comes to a head when Kirsty slaps Nita. She runs away, hitchhikes and gets herself into trouble. She confesses to pushing Warren down the stairs on Kirsty's voicemail, but Adam hears it first.

Feeling confused and betrayed by her mother, Nita finally takes to the scaffolding in the firestation and demands to know the truth. Kirsty reveals when her and Warren first met, when he first hit her. Nita reveals exactly what happened between her and Warren while Kirsty lay unconscious ...
Duration: 1 Hour, 25 Minute, 16 Second
Rating: 4.52 - Excellent
Definition: SD
Published: 4 Years Ago

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