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Jonn Hart - Who Booty (remix) Ft. French Montana Video

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Slide in that thang, good D game
Bust it so good, girl what's my name?
Hit it from the back, headboard swag
When I talk shit shorty answer right back
I be on her like...
Who booty is it? Who booty is it?
Who booty? Who booty? Who booty is it?
Who booty is it? Who booty is it?
Who booty? Who booty? Who booty is it?

Lil mama I know what you want,
Begging me to beat it like the bass in my trunk.
I'm a little nasty, I ain't even gotta front.
Lick you from your head down, down to your butt.
I Mike Tyson that booty, I knock that ass out.
Crackin' that pookie, you make me spazz out.
Let me get in that, baby throw it back.
Let me get a round of applause, make, make it clap.
D Boy that booty girl, gimme that, gimme that.
If I hit it once you know that shorty's comin back
Duration: 03 Minute, 10 Second
Rating: 4.79 - Excellent
Definition: HD
Published: 5 Years Ago
Author: JonnHartVEVO

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