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Top 10 Best Brad Pitt Movies That Prove He Is A Great Actor Video

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Top 10 Best Brad Pitt Movies That Prove He Is A Great Actor


What thoughts come to your mind when you hear the name, Brad Pitt? Yes, one of the most bankable actors of Hollywood can really elicit hundreds of thoughts! “He is smoking hot!”, “Those eyes are intense”, “His expressions are million dollars” or “His acting skills are unbeatable”. You’ve had at least one of these thoughts about him, no denying that! That guy deserves every bit of attention that is showered on him, right? But for once let’s give his looks a backseat and focus on the movie trail he has created for us to enjoy for decades! So here we are with a list of the best movies Brad Pitt has given the world!

Number 10. Seven
Number 9. Fight Club
Number 8. Ocean’s Eleven
Number 7. A River Runs Through It
Number 6. Thelma & Louise
Number 5. The Tree of Life
Number 4. Monkeys
Number 3. Inglourious Basterds
Number 2. True Romance
Number 1. Moneyball

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