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Neith Is The Best Hunter In Smite! (smite Neith Joust Build) Smite Neith Joust Gameplay! Video

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Smite 1080P 60FPS Neith Season 3 Gameplay!

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Recording Date: 28th January 2017

Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of smite here today, where we are taking out Neith into Joust in 1080P 60FPS!

What is a MOBA?

Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas, or MOBAs for short, originated as a sub-genre of the RTS (Real-Time Strategy) genre. Because of this, in most MOBA games, the player takes control of a single character from the isometric (top-down) view akin to most RTS games. Typically, in MOBA games, a player takes control of a single character on one of two teams. Those players choose characters that all have their own abilities, or “kits”. To win, the players must use a combination of abilities, teamwork, and strategy to not only best their opponent, but destroy the opponents main structures. A bonus to the genre is that most MOBAs are free games, which is definitely a contributing factor of the their massive success. The genre has many titles, the largest of which being Defense of the Ancients (DoTA) and DoTA 2, League of Legends (LoL), and most recently SMITE!

What is SMITE?

SMITE is one of the more recent free MOBA games to enter the fray. In SMITE you don’t just choose a character, you choose a god. You’ll instantly feel an attachment to characters like Thor and Zeus because even if you don’t know the lore behind them, you’ve at least heard their names before! What makes SMITE so immersive is Hi-Rez Studios’ inclusion of historical lore into the gods’ abilities, kits, and play styles. Thor and Loki aren’t just characters from Marvel comics and movies. They’re also a part of Norse mythology and you can take control of them in SMITE!

Duration: 11 Minute, 35 Second
Rating: 4.69 - Excellent
Definition: HD
Published: 1 Years Ago
Author: Myth

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