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Remembering Jeffrey Hunter: Selected Scenes Video

All credits go to their respective owners.
For more about Jeffrey Hunter, please visit The clips in this little tribute are from the following movies: "Fourteen Hours", "Sailor of the King", "White Feather", "The Searchers", "The Great Locomotive Chase", "The True Story of Jesse James", "Gun for a Coward", "In Love and War", "Sergeant Rutledge", "Hell to Eternity", "King of Kings", "Man-Trap", "The Longest Day", "No Man Is an Island", "Brainstorm"; also from the TV series: "Checkmate" (episode 'Waiting for Jocko'), "Combat!" (ep. 'Lost Sheep Lost Shepherd'), "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour" (ep. 'Don't Look Behind You').
Duration: 19 Minute, 21 Second
Rating: 4.62 - Excellent
Definition: SD
Published: 6 Years Ago
Author: ThirdPlebian

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