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Did You Know ...? # Part 2956 Video

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Did you know
... that Viennese-born architect Konstantin Jovanović provided the original designs for the National Assembly buildings of both Bulgaria and Serbia?
... that Anthony Impreveduto lost his Secaucus, New Jersey Town Council seat to reform candidate Dennis Elwell, with both later resigning from political office following corruption charges?
... that on his wife Nancy's birthday, Ronald Reagan would send flowers to his mother-in-law, Edith Luckett Davis, to thank her for giving birth to Nancy?
... that Bill Humble was a test pilot for Hawker Siddeley during the Second World War, and was the grandfather of British TV presenter Kate Humble?
... that Minnesota Vikings safety Colt Anderson recited a vulgar rhyme celebrating his hometown of Butte before each game while at the University of Montana?
... that Beatrix Potter initially resisted the idea of colour illustrations for The Tale of Peter Rabbit?
... that the Bald Man and the Red Emperor, the antagonists in Ion Creangă's Harap Alb story, have been interpreted as echoes of conflicts opposing Romanians to the Tatars and the Khazar "Red Jews"?
... that Holby City woman is a voter demographic in the United Kingdom considered influential to the outcome of the next United Kingdom general election?
... that Kerry Hallam, an artist based in Nantucket, but trained in Chesterfield, has created an exhibition of nude ex-wives?
... that during World War I, U.S. YMCA worker and preacher William Howard Hoople sailed to France to serve on the front lines as an entertainer?

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