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August Burns Red - Identity (official Music Video) Video

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NOMINATED FOR “BEST METAL PERFORMANCE” GRAMMYS 2016 - “Identity” taken from ‘Found In Far Away Places’ available now.

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Video by Drew Russ.
Animation by Dan Fusselman.

Do you know how it feels to hide with thoughts repressed deep down inside? I guess you just loved the lie. Truth is, you can’t decide where my heart resides. You want to cure me of this epidemic. You call me sick. I wish I had said it, the words to admit to you who I am. My entire life I was dealt the wrong hand and cast aside from the man that I am. I’ve never felt so free. It kills me to hear you say you “choose to love me.” I was hoping that would be a given, given our history. You think I’m wrong but I never felt better. Stop living in denial. Stop loving the lie. I thought blood was thicker than water. You think I’m wrong but I never felt better. I know I disappointed you, but I’ve got nothing to prove. My entire life I was dealt the wrong hand, but now I’ve realized this is who I am. I’ve made my decision. You’re either with or against me. I’m standing firm. It’s who I am. You can’t keep me down. Iʼm moving on. I’m living free. You canʼt stop me now.
Duration: 04 Minute, 26 Second
Rating: 4.87 - Excellent
Definition: HD
Published: 2 Years Ago

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