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Gary Merrill In September Song Video

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Gary Merrill is perhaps best known from his marriage to Bette Davis, but he was a fine actor in his own right, starring in such movies as "All About Eve", "12 O'Clock High", and "Mysterious Island". Later in life he was in great demand as a voiceover artist on many classic commercials - the original IBM PC "Charlie Chaplin" commercials, UPS "We run the Tightest Ship in the Shipping Business", Kellogs Corn Flakes, and many others.

Gary is remembered fondly by people in the Portland, Maine area (where he lived), and many iconic Portland characters (including my father) make cameo appearances in this film.

Gary was a free spirit who loved people, especially kids, loved politics (ran for Governor at least once), and loved Maine. This aspect of his life is well documented in this film..

The film was made in 1984. I wish I could remember the director's name. I know that John Cole (publisher of the Maine Times) was involved, perhaps writing the script. If anyone knows, drop me a comment, and I will update the information.

Gary passed away in 1990, but is fondly remembered by his friends - particularly for the unannounced drop-in, which he was famous for. Suddenly the door would spring open, and that magnificent voice would boom, so you would hop out of the shower to have your life pleasantly disrupted. We all miss that.
Duration: 14 Minute, 31 Second
Rating: 4.75 - Excellent
Definition: SD
Published: 7 Years Ago

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