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Howard Hughes Hells Angel, Americas Notorious Bisexual Billionaire Video

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The demented billionaire and movie mogul Howard Hughes affected early Hollywood in ways that permanently influenced America's entertainment industry.

WIthin this video, Blood Moon's president, Danforth Prince, describes what readers can expect from the September, 2010, release of its upcoming biography, HOWARD HUGHES HELL'S ANGEL, by celebrity biographer Darwin Porter.

Set amid descriptions of the unimaginable changes that affected America between Hughes' birth in 1905 and his death in 1976, this book gives an insider's perspective about what money can buy--and what it can't.

HOWARD HUGHES HELL'S ANGEL, by Darwin Porter. Hardcover 800 pages, with photos ISBN 978-1-936003-13-6. $32.95.
Availabe in September, 2010, through the National Book Network and in fine bookstores everywhere.
Duration: 01 Minute, 41 Second
Rating: 5
Definition: SD
Published: 8 Years Ago

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