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Vande Mataram Anand Math Lata Hemant Bankim Original Video

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Vande Mataram from Bankim Chandra Chattopadyaya's "Anand Mutt" remains the classic Indian national song.

This song was sung by Lata Mangeshkar and the Music Director was Hemant Kumar Mukhopadyaya.

"Vande Mataram" was the Mantra, reciting which numerous Indians from Punjab to Tamilnaad braved death and fought the British occupation. Composed in simple Sanskrit, this is a national song of India and any day most nationalist Indians rate this song above "Jana Gana Mana", a song penned by Tagore welcoming King George as "Bharata Bhagya Vidhaata-Arbitrator of India's Destiny".

The Islamist veto and the nehruvian appeasement of islamism prevented "Vande Matharam" from becoming the National Anthem of India. And in a remarkable parody of History, Indians have a song, sung first welcoming a foreign dignitary, as the national anthem. nehru as the first prime minister of India did enormous damage to the soul of India. nehru's foot prints can be seen in most of India's social, economic, defence and foreign affairs problems.

One can not help noticing the superiority of this composition of "Vande Mataram", the complete one to the subsequent compositions which in comparison appear trite. Later compositions on account of composer's poor knowledge of Sanskrit and Indian culture could never reproduce the spirit and magic of Bankim's immortal work.

(Unlike the version here most other versions in internet make travesty of Bankim's song by truncating the lyrics)
Duration: 03 Minute, 17 Second
Rating: 4.8 - Excellent
Definition: SD
Published: 10 Years Ago
Author: bharatamata

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