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Lost Love In Times (醉玲珑) Opening Theme Mv - Tears Of Pain (william Chan, Liu Shi Shi) Video

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I couldn't resist to make a MV for this drama even though there are only 8 episodes out but this drama is simply way too AWESOME!!! For months I seriously haven't found a new drama in which I'm this interested in and I'm even anxiously waiting every week for the new episodes to air! Those who haven't seen this drama yet, I highly recommend you to start this drama. It's a story about a sorceress (Qing Chen) and a 4th prince of Western Wei (Yuan Ling) who fall in love but on the day of their wedding Yuan Zhan (7th prince) launches a coup. To prevent further disaster Qing Chen reverses the time and thus, she goes back in time when she and Yuan Ling never met and they once again fall in love and go through many hardships until they can finally be together again. This story will have 2 time frames so the first 5 episodes' pace will be very fast and the leads also fall in love very quickly but once we get to the second timeline everything will slow down so remember this while watching the drama. Starting from ep 5 it's going to get super interesting! The drama is well executed, has awesome fighting scenes, great cinematography and music etc. It's a must watch!

I think Lost Love in Times is only available with English subs on Dramafever. Here the link for those who are interested:(

I'll remake this MV again once the drama has finished airing so that it contains scenes from the later episodes too. I just love this drama so much so I had to make a MV this early xD

Song: Tears of Pain/Wound - Xin (泪伤 - 信)
Drama: Lost Love in Times (醉玲珑)
Cast: William Chan, Liu Shi Shi, Xu Hai Qiao
Duration: 03 Minute, 22 Second
Rating: 0
Definition: HD
Published: 11 Month Ago
Author: Chibiaya

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